RF-300N Lifting Twin towel SF6 handling cart

Widely used for SF6 gas detection, recovery, purification, storage and refilling ofhigh voltage switchgear manufactory, Electrical Research Institute, power plant,power supply bureau, maintain company and substation switch..

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Function Features

  • The first Lifting Twin Towers purification system (national invention patent)can deal with the impurities such as C2F6, C3F8, AIR and CF4 in SF6 waste gas.

  • Efficient and advanced cooling system, even though environment temperatureup to 40 ℃, can also ensure rapid recovery.

  • Special industrial control system, full touch operation, remote control, videofiles can be played.

  • SF6 gas can reach the national standard of new gas (GB/T12022-2014) after thecombination of filtration system (water, dust, floccule and decomposition products)and purification system.

  • The RF-300N equipped with connector box to facilitate the on-site switchmaintenance and reduce the carrying of the tools

  • The RF-300N equipped with environmental emission protection device toprotect the safety of workers and reduce environmental pollution.

  • The use of positive and negative pressure series double stage recovery systemcan reduce the residual gas in the equipment.

Technical Data